1. Tell us your name, and where are you from?

My name is Lynn Lawler and I now live in SoCal. I grew up near Detroit and enjoyed the wonderful vibe of rock music. Michigan has two things going for it:

  1. Great concerts; I saw all kinds of really great bands at some awesome venues. You have not seen a music concert until you’ve seen one in Detroit. The energy is incredible at the events and everyone is excited about music. If you haven’t been to Pine Knob, you are missing out. LOL

  1. Fall Foliage; I recall riding in the family car with my folks and my sister on short road trips in October to watch the colors on the trees change. It is a beautiful sight, so if you’re ever nearby – in October, check out the scenic drives in Michigan.

  1. When you were a child, what did you want to do when you grow up?

I always had my heart set on something creative, but I never thought I could do it. As a child, I loved to read books. Judy Blume was one of my favorites. Any free time I had was dedicated to reading. Books were my friends and I would get into the character’s shoes and see what life was like from their point of view. As I was reading Blume’s books, I would imagine what it would be like if I had written the book myself.

Another creative outlet I had an interest in was acting. Secretly, I desired to become an actor.

  1. When and why did you begin writing?

In school, I loved creative writing classes because it was easier to express myself through this media. When I was in college, I took advanced writing classes as well, which really helped me with all of the other writing I was doing for other classes. I loved college writing. One of my research projects was on the controversial side. While working on this project, I was able to get into that creative “zone” and really take off! It was while I was still going to school when I fantasized about writing a novel of my own.

I read an inspiring article which prompted me to write to the editorial. What a surprise it was to see my letter in the editorials section of The Detroit Free Press about two weeks later. The article had been a positive one focusing on Detroit students taking advanced math and science classes.

Finally years later, I got the fire to start my manuscript. At the time I was going through a loss and was at a fork in the road. One night I watched a documentary on the twentieth century writer, Willa Cather. Immediately, I fell in love with her and realized that if she could do it, then so could I. I felt I could relate to this woman because, like her I too felt a bit out of place in my younger years. Unlike her, I conformed to society and finished college with a degree in Finance.

  1. When did you first consider yourself a writer?

Actually, it wasn’t until I published my first blog in 2011 that gave me the kick start. I love blogging because it gets me out there and connected with the world. Also, I do blog interviews with authors and book reviews. For me, being a writer is much more than just writing my own material. It is important for me to reach out to others, many of which have been an inspiration for me. By reading their work, I am inspired continuously.

  1. What inspired you to write your first book?

For most of my life, deep inside, I knew that one day I would write a novel. I just didn’t know when. The push to write came on the night I watched the documentary for Willa Cather. Willa, like myself, was an introvert and lived life to the beat of a different drum. At the time I started writing my first novel, I was doing my best to conform to the 8 to 5 plus commute routine, all the while feeling suffocated. Since I first put pen to paper on my current work, I have felt a deeper connection to the characters as life and emotions shape my point of view. With each trial and triumph, comes a wealth of soulful resource where I find encouragement and motivation to continue. I have found my voice and want to share the life and energy of my own stories.

6. How do you come up with the title for your story?

Two friends from Las Vegas were visiting me. During one of our many conversations we began bouncing off ideas for the book. Somehow Enlightened Desire came into play.

7. Do you have a unique writing style?

Yes. I bring a deep spiritual meaning to my romantic themes. My stories take the reader on a journey that is both hot erotically, yet just as high on an inner spirituality plane. My characters portray not only sexy fun loving adventurous women, but dynamic people with true heart, soul, mind, and body experiences.

8. Do you see writing as an ongoing career?

Absolutely. I love the creative stories that come out of my head. I’ll be anywhere and all of a sudden some bizarre idea will come to mind. Then I’ll think about it some more and before you know it I’m working on an outline.

However, I don’t want to keep myself pigeonholed into any one category. Instead, I want my work to be enjoyed across the board. One manuscript that I’m working on is fantasy series and I’m loving the process. Another one is about an oddball person who is trapped in their own world.

One day, I’d like to write another person’s biography. I have some cool ideas of how I want to present my work.

9. What books have most influenced your life the most?

Last year I read “The Muse” by Suzie Carr. Here she writes about bullying. I could relate to this because as a child, I was heavily bullied by my peers. As a result, I closed down out of fear. Suzie did a wonderful job painting this picture and I felt like something had shifted in me as a result of me reading the book. The message was strong and clear. The actions of the character inspired me to never give up on myself.

Also, check out her book, “Sandcastles.” Like “The Muse”, this one has a message that calls out to me. What I like about Suzie is that she digs into issues as well as write incredible romance stories.

Another book that touched me was Kathleen Knowles “Awake Unto Me”. It was a turn of the 20th century romance story between two very special and gifted women. They did things in the story that were not common at the time and I give them kudos. They both showed me that anything is possible despite the exterior circumstances.

10. What books are you reading now?

I am reading a book in which I beta read last year, “The Legacy of Fear: Horror at the Lake”, by Vanessa A. Ryan. This book is paranormal and creepy. The main character is a strong woman, which I really admire. The story so far has me thinking about things. The author is someone who has drawn me in with her unique style. Vanessa is also from SoCal and I am supportive of local authors and artists of all genres.

Recently I read the “Irrevocable Series” by contemporary romance fiction writer, Samantha Jacobey. I enjoy reading books by independent authors who are also out of my main genre, LGBT. Like Vanessa, Samantha’s main character is a strong woman. In this story I got to watch her transform and was impressed with the process. The way the story is written just capsulated me from the start. A major twist kept me guessing. Samantha has been an inspiration for me in more ways than one. She is a very passionate author and her work reflects it. You can read my review at

Also, I just finished up Adrian J. Smith’s “Memoir in the Making.” This story took place on a college campus and reminded me of the good times I had in college. In this story, one of the main characters is taking a literature class where she gets to write memoirs. The plot goes against the grain, which added spice to the story. I was part of a blog tour for this story and if you haven’t done one of those, I highly recommend it. You read the author’s book and then post a public review on it, which is visited by a lot of people. This is another way to meet great people.

11. Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

Yes. Adrian J. Smith, Stacy O’Steen, Alicia Joseph. I interviewed all three of these authors on my blog at Check out the following links and give them all a shout out from me.

I chose these authors because they all have unique themes to their stories. For Stacy, I feel that I learned some very important things as a result of reading her book, “Endless Days of Summer.” As a result, I was enlightened. Her story is cutting edge and very inspiring – one that you will remember.

12. Tell us your latest news and what are your current projects?

I am working on two interviews that will be posted next month. One is with author Amy Dunne, author of “The Renegade” which was just recently published. The other author will be revealed shortly, so you’re going to have to be patient.

I am finishing up a manuscript about a confused woman experiencing an identity crisis. One thing I can say about this story is listen to the old saying “Careful what you wish for.” Intensions speak your actions and there is no turning back. What happens when you plan something but overlooked some of the angles?

13. How much of your book is realistic?

Most of “Enlightened Desire” has been related to experiences of mine. In it I have included things that I wanted to resolve as well as things that I’ve fantasized about. Writing has helped me grow into a strong woman.

14. What was the hardest part of writing your book?

The title. It had taken some time to create this. Currently I’m working on another WIP that needs a sub title and I’m pulling my hair out over it.

15. Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Keeping the story to a certain size is challenging because I love elaborating on descriptions that evoke the senses. My style is to use freewriting to get things moving. It’s like journaling in a way, in that I allow myself not to over-criticize my creative flow.

Then editing is done to make sense of it all. Sometimes this can be challenging in the sense that I have to go and make sure my changes flow with the plot of the story. I am so grateful for beta readers. Thank you!!!

16. If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?

No. It has been a lengthy process, but not one that I regret. Some things could have been avoided, but hindsight is 20-20. Right now things are on track. I am currently working on my book trailer pictures and my website. I’ll have to say that some of the people whom I’ve met during this journey have been fantastic. Ocean, you also have been supportive in helping me make my dream materialize. For this I am grateful.

17. Are your books based on someone you know, or an events in your own life?

I write about experiences that are my own, although I incorporate teachings that I have learned from others.

I’d like to mention about a minor character I made up years ago. A few years later I ended up meeting a person who possessed similar characteristics. Looking back, I don’t believe in coincidences and believe that I called them into my life to assist me with my growth in my current journey.

With one of my WIP’s I had a dream about the beginning part of the story and the emotions that were behind it. This inspired me to get writing. As I kept writing, I got deeper and deeper ideas and decided to make a series out of it.

18. Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Yes and that we are all co-creators of our world and that each of us deserves a special place here. I want everyone to know that they are special and unique in this world and that ALL are welcome and embraced. Also I want to pass the message that you are you and not your occupation or how much money you make.

19. Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.

Facebook and Twitter. Since I’ve joined, I have made all kinds of cool friends and connections. As I mentioned above, I got introduced to some really cool reads. I like Twitter because you can instantly retweet posts to all of your followers. If you are not on Twitter, I suggest you get yourself a handle and start working it. You are going to get so many followers. My Twitter handle is @Lynnlawler1 and I would love to follow you.

You can also like my fan page on Facebook at:

My Facebook profile is:

20. Do you prefer hard copy, eBook, paperback, perfect bound, coil bound paper back, or saddle stitch?

I used to buy all of my books hardcover because I love the feel of a book. Now I prefer eBooks because I can download them to my phone. It is easy to pull up the app and grab my book. Then at the end there is a link to the amazon site where I can leave a review when I am done. I am adding this part because reviews are so important to authors and they really appreciate them. Besides it tells your favorite author that you care.

21. How do you give back to the community?

With my blog. Here I interview other authors and review books. I do this for fun and for free because I want to help these authors grow in a market that is saturated with everything. It is fun following new authors and watching them grow.

Thank you so much for inviting me to speak. It has been a pleasure.





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